thank you thank you, she is most definitely perfect for me!



napping together is my kind of date

this is so you bahaha ladies-and-tattoos

I REALLY LIKE MY SLEEP, OKAY cover-me-up-cuddle-me-in


well good thing she isn’t moving! looks like it was a sign that you should tell her how you feel :)

it was hard because he’s one of my best guy friends and he is SO nice, easily the nicest guy I know so I wanted to like him, I really really did, but I just didn’t. he had one girlfriend our junior year that lasted a few months but that’s it. everyone in the school knew he was hooked on me and that we were hella close so everyone thought we were dating

who knows, I’m not usually that lucky

dated my friend for 9 months freshman year of high school, then we broke up. he liked me ever since (4 years) and constantly asks for a chance even his friends begged me to give him another chance. when I told him I was gay he took it really poorly.

106. ever broken someones heart? sadly, yes

113. childhood nickname? Bird, Annie, Taytoe chip 

122. is cheating ever okay? no……….

124. do you believe in love at first sight? maybe not love but a definite connection 

125. do you believe in true love? thanks to my girlfriend, yusss <3 

39. favorite stores to shop? Whole Foods, Zumiez & Urban Outfitters

52. one thing you wish you could change about yourself? more motivation

82. favorite movie? Titanic

91. anyone you want to punch in the face right now? My parents for making us live so far away from oregon 

102. do you regret anything from your past? ehh 

we finally got back to her apartment after a 3 hour drive from the airport, I sat down on the foot of her bed and she walked up between my legs and kissed me. Watch the full story on our youtube video, here!

22. where would you like to travel? sooo many places. anywhere with G

23. do you have trust issues? occasionally 

25. what part of my body am i most uncomfortable with? thighs

30. do you ever want to get married? If its the right person, yes.

32. which celebrities would you have a threesome with? Sophia Bush and Amber Heard please

2. Are you outgoing or shy? I tend to be pretty outgoing but I have an occasional shy mood

9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable? not in the slightest.

12. 5 favorite songs right now? Drunk Last Night, Hold Onto My Heart, Old Pine, Promise, Hello I’m in Delaware 

13. do you like it when people play with your hair? depends; if im just laying around then yes but if I’m out doing something and want it to look good then no

21. bad habits? driving with my knees